Non-Contact Carco
ES-1157 Jet Shot System

Contact Marker ES-1752

Contact Marker ES-1518-A

The Carco ES-1157 Non-Contact Marking System is often used where a small, tightly controlled spot is required and are capable of marking dry, absorbent, wet or lightly oiled parts.

  • Excellent for damp or oily parts, as the Carco "Jet Shot" action helps displace the contaminant
  • Operates well in dirty, dusty and other harsh environments
  • Excellent for pass/fail or color coding operations
  • Non-Atomizing
  • Unit will provide about 1000 shots per every 2 ounces of marking fluid
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Carco stainless steel "Jet Shot Tubes" are bendable and allow for aiming and placement of mark in confined areas
  • Jet Shot Tubes available in a variety of lengths
  • Reservoirs range from 2 ounce to 64 ounces

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