Industrial Ink Marking Systems & Marking Fluids

At Carco, our dedication to customer satisfaction and providing the best service available is what sets us apart. Allow our experts to integrate your new marking system into existing or developmental designs.

Our contact and non-contact systems are designed to reliably put neat, clean ink marks on a surface. With essentially unlimited applications, these systems are capable of marking dry, absorbent, wet or lightly oiled parts. Our experts can show you what systems will work best for your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for transparent, pigmented or water-based marking fluids, we have some of the best general purpose and specialized marking fluids available on the market. From the Carco formulary of several hundred marking inks, we manufacture quality ink markings that come in a variety of colors.

Industries Served

At Carco, we have the capability and industry-leading solutions to service a wide range of markets. The primary markets we serve include automotive, steel, copper, rubber, and paper/packaging. No matter what your end use is, it’s our guarantee that we’ll provide marking systems and fluids that will be long-lasting and exhibit excellent adhesion.

Automotive production line. Welding car body. Modern car Assembly plant


steel bars


Copper Tubes


Cardboard boxes on conveyor rollers inside a warehouse ready to be shipped by courier for distribution


Craig R.

Had a complicated application for our business which required color coding/identification of a variety of automotive components. The Carco team was highly responsive and consultative throughout the process. Their pricing was cheaper than any alternative and their service was second to none.

About Carco

Carco Incorporated is a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial marking systems and fluids used in a variety of processes across the production landscape. All Carco marking fluids are manufactured to order, following industry-leading standards to ensure top of the line quality and consistency.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, Carco manufactures over 200 different types of marking fluids designed to meet differing client needs. To distinguish which system would work best for you, talk to one of our expert today.

ES-712-F-100-Marker manufactured by Carco

Hear From an Expert

Reach out today to find out more about what Carco has to offer. Our team is waiting to fulfill your marking application requirements.