S-712 Automated Cover Assembly Spring Marker


The ES-712 Automated Cover Assembly Spring Marker stands out for its exceptional efficiency, durability, and integration capabilities. This system is engineered for economical operation, using minimal marking fluid and allowing the use of fast-drying marking fluids. The ES-712 offers unmatched reliability and a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.


  • Integration Flexibility: The system features a double-acting, non-rotating block mount, allowing the marker to be mounted in any orientation for easy system integration.
  • Economic Fluid Usage: The ES-712 incorporates Carco’s ES-641 spring-loaded marking head, along with an automated cover assembly, to extend the useful life of the nib and allow quick-drying inks.
  • Precision & Repeatability: The ES-712 System is designed to apply precise and neat marks with specialty marking fluids. It uses minimal ink; typically 2 ounces of marking fluid can mark between 10,000 to 20,000 parts, depending on the specific application.
  • Automated Fluid Mixing: The system has an optional agitator to prevent the marking fluid from settling or solidifying in the reservoir. This feature continually mixes the marking fluid whenever the pump is cycled, ensuring consistent fluid quality and mark clarity.
  • Integrated Operation & Control: The spring marker and ink pump operate independently and can be automated and synchronized using a programmable logic controller (PLC), enhancing efficiency and consistency.


  • Head/Nib Sizes: 1/8,” 1/4,′′ 1/2′,′ 3/4,′′ and 1.0′′
  • Stroke Lengths: Standard 2” Stroke, longer sizes are available — contact us for more information.
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  • Hall Effect Switches