Carco’s ES-1157 Non-Contact Jet Shot is a low-maintenance, closed-system spray marker that applies a non-atomized splatter mark of ink onto the material with the ability to sit idle between markings. This system is designed for use in various industrial environments and fast-moving applications, including reject marking.


  • Flexible Configuration: The ES-1157 system features a mounting system that can be mounted in any orientation and a flexible tube, allowing the system to be bent to allow for precise marking locations and operate in hard-to-reach areas. Various Jet-Shot tube lengths are available.
  • Versatile Ink Delivery: The system can use a variety of inks, including specialized marking fluids, allowing for flexibility across different applications and materials including dry, absorbent, wet, or lightly oiled parts.
  • Efficient Ink Usage: The pump within the ES-1157 is designed to meter the flow of ink precisely allowing about 1,000 shots for every 2 ounces of marking fluid. This efficiency in ink usage conserves ink and ensures each mark is consistent in quality.
  • Ease of Maintenance: This low-maintenance, closed-system features simple, straightforward maintenance procedures, facilitating easy upkeep and reliable operation.
  • Durable Construction: The ES-1157 Jet Shot Marking System is built to last in dirty, dusty, and harsh environments, with robust construction that can handle the demands of continuous industrial use.
ES-1157-C Non-Contact Jet Shot