ES-1752 Mini-Contact


The ES-1752 Automated Mini-Contact Marker provides the same function and reliability as our ES-612 marker but in a more compact package, allowing integration into systems where space is limited.


  • Minimal Material Use: The system uses minimal marking fluid to place a precise ink dot on parts. On average, the ES-1752 uses 2 ounces of fluid per 20,000 to 40,000 parts. This efficient use of material reduces waste and lowers operational costs.
  • Automated Functionality: The ES-1752 system, equipped with a programmable logic control (PLC), can automate the marking process. The PLC controls both the spring marker and the ink pump unit, coordinating the timing of marking and fluid supply.
  • Compact Design: The reduced size allows for more flexible placement within a manufacturing setup, ensuring it can be installed in assembly lines where space is at a premium.
  • Low-Pressure Regulation: This marking system features a low-pressure regulator, specifically designed for the marker, that operates between 15 and 30 PSI. This regulator ensures enough pressure for marking without damaging the marker felt, which also helps to prevent over-marking and potential damage to sensitive parts.
  • Simplified Design: The system’s simplified design allows for easy setup and routine maintenance. ES-1752 uses a single-acting spring return cylinder for simplicity and ease of use. This can reduce downtime and streamline operations in a manufacturing setting.


  • Head/Nib Sizes: 1/8,” 1/4,″ and 1/2″
  • System Stroke Lengths: Various sizes—please contact us for more information.