About Us

Carco is a manufacturer of industrial marking systems and fluids. Our core competency lies in manufacturing and developing reliable marking systems and fluids that deliver excellence in all marking projects. Carco services all of your quality control and manufacturing line needs with both contact markers and non-contact marking systems.

Our History

Founded in 1949 in Detroit, Michigan as a family-owned and operated company, Carco has a history of over 70 years of manufacturing industrial ink and marking systems. The world’s leading brands trusts us, and we continue to deliver excellence by exceeding customer expectations. Carco is in its third generation of family ownership and brings its familial values to both the workplace and marketplace. Today, our team comprises seasoned engineers and skilled technicians who bring their expertise to deliver standard marking systems to fully customized marking solutions.

Full Collection of Pigmented Marking Fluids

Our Reputation

Since 1949 Carco is dedicated to customer satisfaction and the best service available in integrating your new marking system into existing or developmental designs.

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Parts Marking

We solve your parts marking application problems; from high volume production systems to individual pieces.

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Quality Control

Test and quality control systems marking experts with a wide variety of different lead-free inks and marking fluids.

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We supply automatic marking equipment and industrial marking inks of any quantity – from quarts to drums.

Our Mission & Values

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Our mission is to make marking simple and cost-effective so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best. We offer our customers hands-on support designing solutions to marking applications that don’t break the bank. Our team also provides easy to integrate solutions to solve our clients marking needs. Allow our experts to help you mark your products so that you can keep production going strong.

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As a company, we consider ourselves to be service-oriented and customer-centric. We are quick to deliver on our clients’ needs. We care about solving our customers’ application issues so that they can focus on what they do best—making quality products. We answer all requests and inquiries in less than 24 hours. Above all else, we pride ourselves on providing simple to use and easy to integrate solutions.

Trusted By The World's Leading Brands

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Reach out today to find out more about what Carco has to offer. Our team is waiting to fulfill your marking application requirements.