Automotive Part Marking Systems

Carco is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer and market leader in part marking and identification systems. For over 70 years, we’ve provided cutting-edge industrial ink and critical part marking systems to clients across many industries.

Among these industries include automotive marking, where part traceability isn’t just a requirement but an absolute necessity. Properly marking automotive assemblies and parts ensures the integrity of the automotive supply chain, improves part traceability, and ensures components end up in their proper places. 

Carco offers two primary solutions for the automotive industry: direct and non-contact.

Industry Applications

Leak-Test Fixtures

Carco’s marking systems can easily integrate into your leak-test fixtures and apply unique identifiers directly to each component. This allows you to maintain meticulous records of tested parts, ensuring each component’s test results are accurately recorded and traceable.


In color-coding operations, our systems provide long-lasting, vivid markings to signify different specifications or assembly instructions. Our systems use high-quality marking fluids that can withstand the harsh environments typical of automotive manufacturing.

Our Solutions

Direct Part Marking

Our direct automotive part marking solutions are designed for neat and repeatable identification. Our contact markers provide a non-atomized, repeatable dot that can adhere to the components’ surface and mark 10,000 to 20,000 parts for every two ounces of marking fluid.

Our direct part marking products include the ES-612 Spring Marker, ES-712-S Automated Assembly Spring Marker, ES-1518 Mini-Contact, ES-2618 Mini-Contact Marker, and ES-1752 Mini-Contact.

The ES-612 is our original direct contact marker. It’s available in a range of options, making it an extremely versatile product for many applications.

The ES-712-A is fast-drying and has an optional magnetic reed cylinder.

Ideal for tight-fitting applications, the ES-1518 uses a dual-action air cylinder with a one-half to 4-inch stroke and multiple marking heads.

The ES-2618 was designed for high-accuracy applications with mounting constraints. It employs a dual-acting air cylinder for improved precisions and comes with one-eighth, one-fourth, and half-inch marking heads.

The ES-1752 is a compact marking solution available in multiple stroke lengths incorporating a single-action spring return for ease of use. Users can choose between one-eighth, one-fourth, and half-inch marking heads, which can easily be mounted to accommodate any part configuration.

Non-Contact Part Marking

Our non-contact automotive part marking systems are ideal for situations where space is limited, atomization is tolerated, and rapid dry times are a necessity. These non-atomizing solutions can mark wet, dry, or oiled parts.

Our ES-800 system has a 3-inch or 6-inch extension for tight-fitting applications. They are ideal for adding high-precision marks and for high-speed marking applications.

With the ability to sit idle between markings, our ES-1157-C model is ideal for tight-fitting spaces.

Designed for high-efficiency applications, our ES-1010 is rated between 5 to 15 PSI and is ideal for applying marks on moving or rotating parts.

Benefits of Our Systems

  • Improves Quality
  • Provides Effective Part Traceability
  • Great for Simple & Complex Part Geometries
  • Ability to Mark Shiny & Curved Surfaces
  • Easy Integration
  • Designed for Demanding Manufacturing Environments

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At Carco, we’re committed to engineering simple, cost-effective, and reliable systems that help automotive parts manufacturers improve quality control processes. Since our founding, we’ve helped countless Tier 1 suppliers improve part traceability, including MAHLE, Magna, and Tenneco in addition to OEMs like Toyota, Honda, and Ford. We’re proud to be a trusted name and partner.

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