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For over 70 years, tire and wheel manufacturers have turned to Carco, a family-owned enterprise, for innovative wheel identification systems and tire markers. Our high-precision part-marking systems are critical in ensuring conformity and quality for the wheels and tires entering the automotive supply chain.

Industry Applications

The automotive industry needs marking systems that offer speed, accuracy, and traceability. Carco provides a comprehensive line of direct and non-contact tire markers and part-identification systems that accomplish all three.

Our systems can be used for the following wheel and tire applications:

  • Defect Marking: Carco’s precise markers help tire and wheel manufacturers immediately separate defective or out-of-tolerance wheels and tires. 
  • High-Point/Low-Point Markings: Our Spring markers and water-based inks can be used to identify High-Points and Low-Points for proper weight installation while remaining removable by water wash-off at final assembly.
  • Center-Line Marking: Use Carco’s systems to make vibrant center-line stripes on tires for wheel alignment applications or to identify wheelspin. 
  • Hose Marking: Our pigmented marking inks can be used to identify branding, batch, or coding information using third-party ink-jet or roll markers. Carco manufactures a variety of inks that can best fir your application needs!
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Our Solutions

Contact Part Marking

Carco’s direct part-marking solutions maintain surface contact on parts and provide a repeatable, non-atomized dot for quick and easy part identification. Our direct marking systems can mark 10,000 to 20,000 parts for every two ounces of marking fluid.

The ES-612 is Carco’s original direct-contact marker. This marker is extremely versatile and comes with custom stroke lengths. Easily mounted in multiple angles and variations, this spring marker allows up to six different head sizes: 1.5, 1, 0.75, 0.5, 0.25, and 0.125 inches.

The ES-712-A allows for a quick drying marking solution. This system can feature a magnetic reed cylinder, customized stroke lengths, and a variety of head sizes, including 1, 0.75, 0.5, 0.25, and 0.125 inches. The ES-712-A Automated Assembly Spring Marker can also be mounted any orientation, allowing for maximum mounting flexibility in your application. 

Non-Contact Part Marking

Our non-contact, non-atomizing part marking systems are the ideal solution for tight-fitting areas that require precision. These rapid-drying systems can be used to mark dry, wet, and oiled parts in any orientation.

The ES-800 Series Non-Contact Spray System comes with 3- or 6-inch extensions for any hard-to-reach locations on parts. The system uses quick-drying marking fluids/inks and can be used for high-speed marking and high-precision in-line part marking.

The ES-1157-C is the ideal part marker for dirty industrial manufacturing environments and works well for reject marking and part identification on fast-moving parts.

Tire Marking Inks

Large Collection of Industrial Marking Inks


Pigmented Marking Inks

For permanent tire markings, Carco’s Pigmented Inks come in a variety of dry-time formulations and a robust array of color options. Popular fast-drying inks used on rubber components include the XX-1346 and MM-150 formulas. Carco’s F-123 series is excellent for open-pad stamping and roller applications.

Water-Based Marking Inks

For applications which require the removal of marks prior to final OEM assembly, Carco’s Water-Based Inks are industry-leading solutions. Carco’s WS-935 ink provides end-users with a reliable, never-drying ink that can apply repeatable, reliable markings without leading to dried out marking tips. Carco’s WS–910 provides a drying water-based formula that can allow for permanence up until the vehicles final wash!

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