The ES-400 Mini-Spray system provides much of the reliability & functionality of our larger spray systems but with a smaller footprint. This system excels as a “striping” gun making it perfect for in-line processes like extruded products and web-of-material manufacturing.


  • Compact Design: The system’s small footprint ensures that it can be easily accommodated without requiring significant alterations to the existing setup, making it an excellent choice for facilities with space constraints.
  • Ease of Integration: The ES-400 Mini Spray system is designed for easy integration, with straightforward setup and operation. This user-friendly design minimizes downtime and allows for quick implementation into existing workflows.
  • Low-Pressure Capabilitity: The ES-400 Mini Spray system can operate effectively at lower PSIs, specifically between 5-30 PSI. This low-pressure range is beneficial for delicate applications and helps reduce overspray and provide a tighter mark.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: The system’s simple design makes regular maintenance and fixes a quick errand, minimizing downtime and keeping your facility running with minimal interruptions​​.
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern: This system uses the ES-370-JKT Spray Gun and can provide dot sizes ranging from 1/8” to 1/4”.


  • Reservoirs: Can be fitted w/ 2 oz. or 1 qt reservoirs.
  • Solenoid: 24v DC or 120v AC
  • Orifice Options: .021, .028, .040, .048